After studying voice at The London College of Music, Sybil Esmore was heard by famous leading tenor of The Metropolitan Opera House, in New York, Jan Peerce, who was so impressed by her vocal talents that he exclaimed

"If you're starving and only have a crust of bread to eat,

you MUST sing!"
Jan Peerce
Sybil was referred to the eminent German conductor Rudolf Kempe (conductor at The Metropolitan Opera House, The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, The Royal Philharmonic, Munich Philharmonic, BBC Symphony Orchestra and Musical Director of The Bavarian and Dresden State Operas) who sent her to Munich to see his friend and colleague Professor Franz Reuter (leading professor of Voice at and honorary member of The Academy of Music in Munich). On hearing Sybil, Prof. Reuter offered her a scholarship to the academy, on the spot.
Rudolf Kempe

Returning to London, Sybil concluded her studies with Andrew Downie (advisor and consultant singing coach at The Royal Shakespeare Company) and with Derek Hammond-Stroud (leading baritone at The English National Opera).

Richard Tucker
"I stake my personal reputation on this girl."

Covered extensively by the British media, Sybil has appeared in a multitude of national publications and on numerous television and radio shows, most infamously on

After returning from Munich, Sybil studied with Jani Strasser, (Head of Music Staff and Consultant specialist in singing and interpretation at the famous British opera house, Glyndebourne), on the recommendation of Professor Reuter.

Following her studies with Strasser, Sybil was heard by the celebrated tenor of The Metropolitan Opera House, Richard Tucker, who invited her to New York, where she studied for a further two years, after he proclaimed

"A Fine Singer" Derek Hammond Stroud
Sybil has sung everything from opera to punk, making concert appearances, performing solo recitals and at charity benefits, across Europe and on both sides of The Atlantic, including appearances at London's Wigmore Hall and The Royal Albert Hall.

Sybil gives Michael Barrymore a vocal lesson front of 20 million people

Performance aside, over the last decade, Sybil has developed an enviable reputation as one of the country's leading vocal coaches, through workshops and masterclasses in London and the home counties, work with a variety of successful performers and her live 'sing-in' phone in on BBC TV's 'Good Morning'. She has also written on music and the arts for Satellite Times, Music and Musicians and The Glasgow Herald.

Derek Hammond-Stroud

In 1989, Sybil was made an honorary member of The Luciano Pavarotti Appreciation Society of Great Britain, alongside Luciano Pavarotti himself, Sir. Jeremy Isaacs (then director of The Royal Opera House and ex-head of Channel Four) and well known broadcaster Derek Jameson.

'Barrymore', when a third of the country (approximately twenty million people) watched her performing "a spirited rendition," (The Daily Mail) of The Sex Pistols' classic hit 'Anarchy In The UK.'
Sybil & Luciano compare notes